Office Location

1. Highway: Yongkang Interchange exit at the Tainan City Exit → Taiwan Provincial Highway 1 → Chung Cheng Road → ZhengNan First Street → Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

2. Highway: Rende Interchange exit at the Tainan City Exit → Dongmen Road → Chunghua Road turn right → Chi Mei Hospital → Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

3. Tainan Railway Station: Get off at the Tainan Railway Station and take Bus No.5 bus to the 
Chi Mei Hospital Stop (ChungHua Road) or the Southern Taiwan University Stop 
(ChungCheng South Road) → Walk to Southern Taiwan University
 of Science and Technology.

4. Take Tonglian bus to Xinying, Tainan: 
After exiting at the Yongkang Interchange, get off at 
Liu Jia Ding Station  Walk to Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

5. DaQiao Railway Station: 
 Take a commuter train to the DaQiao Station → walk to Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology by crossing the Yongkang Bridge (DaQiao train schedule).
6. Tainan High Speed Rail: Take the High Speed  Rail shuttle bus from the Tainan stop and get off at the Chi Mei Hospital Stop → Walk to Southern Taiwan University  of Science and Technology. (Total time on shuttle bus, about 30 minutes).